Nathaniel Nash, commonly known as Nate Nash, is one of the main protagonists in the Red Sparrow Trilogy by Jason Matthews. He works as a intelligence officer for the CIA and speaks fluent Russian. Nate was responsible for both MARBLE and DIVA, two of the most important russian assets.


Early Life Edit

Nate was born in a rich and traditional family of lawers from Richmond, Virginia. He was considered the "black sheep" of his brothers, being the only one who didn't graduate in law, having chosen to study Russian Literature at Johns Hopkins instead. Nate's aspiration for adventure is what lead him to apply for the CIA. To the surprise of his family, he was accepted and had a quite successful performance at his training. During that period he was pre-approved for the CIA's Russian Division.

Red Sparrow Edit


Palace of Treason Edit


The Kremlin's Candidate Edit


Physical Description Edit

As described in the novels, Nate has black hair, brown eyes and a straight nose. He's thin and have an average height. In the movie though, the character is portrayed by Joel Edgerton, who has blue eyes and light brown hair.